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PPC pay per click or CPC cost per click advertising. Have you done it? Does it work? Is it expensive? Well, all are very valid questions when it comes to paying for your advertising spend to be at the very top of Google for PPC advertising.

Cost per click can be a very costly affair if you do not know how to navigate around Google AdWords. There are so many different variants that come into play you can literally “burn” you Ad Spend in a matter of days.

What are the bid types on Google AdWords?

  • Manual cost per click
  • Automatic cost per click
  • Enhanced cost per click
  • CPA Bidding
  • CPM Bidding

Once you set up your account, decide your cost per click budget, decide how Adwords delivers your bids and Ads you then have to decide exactly the demographics of where your Google Ad is going to be shown. Do you want your Ad to be shown to people 18/21 years of age? Maybe you are offering a mortgage or an investment, then no, you do not want your Ad to be shown there.

Likewise, you do not want your ad to be shown if you have a coffee shop to people over 10 miles away. Would you want your Ad to be shown to males, females, high earners, homeowners, ex-pats, etc? You get good control over how you deliver those Ads. However, learning this takes time and money and a keen eye with years of experience to enable your ads to run smoothly, optimised and without burning your ad budget.

Location targeting

You can determine where your cost per click budget is been shown by location, no only that you can bid adjust ( up or down) by each location. You have a coffee shop in Puerto Banus, you are prepared to adjust your bid in Puerto Banus to more than people who see your ad in Marbella. This can be done as obviously people or your doorstep are worth more from a point of view of our bid than further afield.

SEO V PPC cost per click?

Looking at our website regards SEO in Marbella you can see that in the long run search engine optimisation is much better than PPC in most circumstances. The downside of which is Cost Per Click is a long haul, as opposed to an instant result at the top of page one of Google.

How much does PPC Cost?

This varies and depends entirely on your niche, your business, your competition and a whole host of other factors including how much volume is been paid for by PPC advisors for the keywords you are chasing. Including the country that you are chasing.

It could be anywhere from €1 to €15 but the cost per click is not the math you need to do to realise whether a PPC campaign is worth it or not. €15 per click I hear you shouting! Well, the cost per click is irrelevant if those keywords are bringing in more revenue to your company than it is costing to get a PPC acquisition. IE a conversion IE again, business from your website for driving the traffic there.

Imagine the total of clicks on your website is 10 this cost €3 per click, €30 euros spent on advertising right? Now, imagine that 3 of those website visitors converts and fills in your form. €10 per lead right? Okay, now imagine that your hit rate for conversions is 1 in 3. It has now cost you €30 to get 1 client. ímzsgine that the service you offer brings you €300 euros in profit! Now the advertising makes perfect sense yes? You’ve made a profit of €270.

Now imagine that you have 5 profitable keywords in your PPC campaign. Okay, you get the picture. This is basically how PPC advertising works. So, should it be €15 cost per click then it matters not if the keyword is bringing you traffic to your website?

Don’t fear, not all keywords are €15 per click

Let us take a look at your potential market, audience, metrics and competition and give you an idea of what a PPC campaign can do for you.

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