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Of course, your website SEO is decided by Google yes?

SEO, the good the bad and the ugly. Okay here are some very easy tips to enable you to get some very good and high authority quality back-links to add SEO to your website. 

Website SEO in our opinion is no longer about volume, quality over quantity win the day, put together with a strong digital marketing campaign and white hat approach you can get your website moving up the search engine rankings quickly, efficiently and long lasting. 


Is SEO link building dead? 😂

No! Simple as that, how else does Google determine ranking for your website? A sustained SEO campaign and links in the correct places mean Google will recognise and push your website up places hopefully on to page 1 for your targeted keywords.   If you think link building is dead check out the sites in number one spot a run a free check on their links. As mentioned quality over quantity is the way forward.

Why use an SEO company In Marbella? 

This question is always answered in several different ways. And the benefits of seo marbella are there for all to see right? What is the point of a website nobody finds? There are so many ways, solutions, white hat practises to get you up the rankings, its time consuming, its frustrating and it’s tough. However, with the right advice and particularity the correct solution bespoke for your companies digital marketing you can speedily shoot onto page one.


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Free seo report
Free SEO report of your business now!

As we offer you a free and very comprehensive SEO report on your website data, on and off-page SEO, your digital marketing footprint, your links, your broken links, your reputation, your authority score, articles, videos, blogs and much more. Please do contact us for more information.

You can, of course, use several very high profile companies to access an SEO report. These are available with a basic Google search. However, albeit it gives you a very good insight into your SEO it does not give you tricks and tips on how to rank your website thereafter. Or if it does suggest what SEO should be put in place then how to implement it properly.

I have spent over 13 years studying how these algorithms work and what Google likes and doesn’t like. In the early days of SEO, it was easy to get ranked by the search engines with a few twists. Google is not a brain-machine, the Einstein of the internet and it knows bad techniques and manipulations when it sees it. A proper and white SEO campaign triumphs every time.

Does SEO pay?

If not, you are either doing it yourself wrongly, you are paying for it with someone doing it wrong for you, or your business is not working. SEO is an investment NOT a cost. At the end of the day, you want what you spend on SEO marketing to bring you in more revenue than it cost you to market and get new enquiries and leads yes? 

It that was not achievable then SEO would be a waste of time. Digital marketing can make a huge difference to your business and drive traffic to your service, shop, website. Is this day and age every company should have a digital marketing process in place. Do it yourself or get it done for you by an expert.

Google and the major search engines now rank websites with a much more complicated algorithm than previously. Here is some SEO method below.

  • Visual look and usability of your website
  • Links to and from your pages
  • Articles, blogs, social media, and social signals
  • Coding, indexing and sitemaps
  • Crawl-ability of your website for SEO purposes
  • Authority and reputation

Are just the tip of the iceberg regards SEO and your quest to getting both traffic, brand awareness, and enquiries for your business.  Digital marketing does not have to be the worlds largest mystery. With a local SEO marketing campaign, you can ride the search engines high with some expert advice and a sustained SEO monthly plan.

For instance, building a link to a web directory such as below you are starting your link building process to gain both traffic and backlinks.

Web Design Websites -

Not all SEO companies are created equal. We have case studies to show exactly how you can get your website to the top of the Google search rankings. let’s have a coffee on us.

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