Website chatbots awesome lead generation1

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Website chatbots awesome lead generation1 1

Using chatbots for lead generation is by far a more superior and up to date way of generating leads for your business. When people visit your website and start reading your information through Google Adwords, Facebook or wherever the visitor to your website came from you want that to convert to a lead yes? Data capture, led gen, or whatever you prefer to getting the details of your visitor could be the difference between your business growing, staying the same or god forbid failing.

So a chatbot for lead gen is better than a website form?

Yep, chatbots are the new generation of how to communicate with your website audience and visitors. Sure, the traditional website forms work well, oldies tend to prefer to fill them in. However, what tool is different than the traditional form without having the worlds longest website form to fill in asking 20 questions (which will never get filled in) can you use to engage your website visitors? Chatbots is the answer.

Chatbots and lead generation for website design in Marbella.

Chatbot on our website Equitas Marketing – See how the box encourages the visitor to engage and see your awesome services.

A chatbot actually makes the process so easy, in the psyche of the person on your website there is the huge task for filling in information. They look at that information ans think “okay, that is gonna take a long time” With proven facts now knowing humans particularly on the Internet have an attention span less than a goldfish, you need to be with the times and ensure you do everything to firstly engage the visitor and secondly to make it as easy as possible for them to engage with you. This is done by the mere press of a chatbot button.

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Okay back to it. Take a look at the next stage once the visitor has clicked on the “Lets get started —->” button on your chatbot. It now takes the visitor through basically to whatever you need to ask next. In our case the visitors name. Now the potential client is engaging with filling in their details. Great for both you and them yes? Once the name has been filled in our chat bot then asks the visitor which service they are interested in, awesome! In equitas marketing’s case SEO, web design, PPC advertising or a Free SEO report on their existing website. The visitor has to just pick one.

Okay, I hear you ask “how do you then tailor each answer to what the visitor picks. Easy, you can have bespoke answers for each pick to do with that subject. We have a totally different journey if someone picks Free SEO report than if the visitor chooses website design. Choosing web design on the chatbot options brings up a separate question, for example the chatbot will ask for a URL (website address) instead of asking for an email address for example. Where else can you get a great idea of the funnel and the pin point accuracy of what your visitor is looking for?


How likely are potential clients to fill in a chatbot?

In our humble opinion in this day and age , much more likely than having a form on your website. The very fact that most of the work is done for the visitor by way of offering options with one click of a button in the chatbots then this makes it more likely that will happen. All ages use the internet and the age groups tend to like different avenues of communication, even the humble telephone is the preferred way by many people so your #websitedesign should incorporate a telephone icon and easy way for your website visitor to call you too. But most of our internet generation surfers understand buttons, clicking them, and having info laid on a platter for them.

Can we install a chatbot on our website?

Sure, but it does take a keen eye to get it right. Without doubt it is not impossible to enable a chatbot on your website. We encourage all companies large and small to install the chatbot on your website. If this is too much trouble then we can do it for you. It does take a bit of knowledge regards being able to add the code and actually design the chatbot but tailor it for your own company and also make sure the colours match. Then it needs coding into your website to set it live. Please do contact us for more info.

Website chatbots awesome lead generation1 3

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