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Why should you have a website designed? Or your existing website upgraded? Well, the website is the storefront of the business, the extension of the service a client or potential client may receive by dealing with, signing up to, making an online enquiry to, or choosing your business. Many factors come into play when visitors to your website make a decision on whether or not to fill in the contact form or call your business. Website design, making sure your website is listed and indexed by Google and other search engines is paramount. When you have had a professional WordPress website designed what good is it if nobody can find it?

Today’s blog is a presentation regards Equitas Marketing and SEO Marbella‘s web design service. We offer a very unique and totally FREE SEO package with every design. We will provide you with a newsletter regards the indexing of your website design, provide a handful of high authority SEO links and help you with Google My Business to get your website listed on the search engines, including been listed on Google maps. These are unique to Equitas Marketing and we know what we are doing.

Website Design by professionals

Many people who visit a website will leave very very quickly if your website is not visually appealing. We cannot stress enough how this “bounce rate” can be the making or breaking of the success of your business. It can literally be the difference on your bottom line. Without a suitable website design Marbella and help with where to get your pages seen, posted, shared, visited, found in search engines, found in maps, found locally, your business may not be able to go to the next level where it deserves to be, all at a very affordable and easy processes are implemented by us to help you on your way.

We have website design for restaurants, large blue-chip companies, business websites , and small to medium businesses including Agency websites We are experts in the designing, copy-writing, and on and off-page SEO. We have just been awarded the privilege of designing the website for a landscape gardeners in the UK. A new startup business ‘DJ gardening services‘ with more leads exposure, brand awareness and more business in mind. We are helping with their marketing, Google My Business listing and SEO. Please check back for more information here shortly, see their Facebook page here

Premium WordPress Websites are a must for your business. You can create and design your own website this afternoon using one of literally hundreds of website builders across the globe. Templates are easily used with the layout already done to the website for your convenience. However, here are the actual facts

  • WordPress websites are the best to get your site ranked in the search engines.
  • WordPress is by far the most sophisticated web builder
  • Most people do not know how to properly code their website to enable indexing, blogs, articles and other SEO work to get volume traffic to your page. That’s where we come in.
  • Plugins are available to enable adding cool and new features to your website
  • Security is enabled to ensure your site does not get hacked.
  • Page load speed and all the processes Google uses to rank your website are achievable. Not so for website builders such as Wix or Instapages.

Frankly, for the future of your website and your business, you need the best website builder to enable progress and updating moving forward. That is WordPress. If you are considering a website design or you are thinking of upgrading your current website please do hesitate to get in touch with us.

The importance of rank math in indexing your website is monumental – More to follow here soon.

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