Landing Page V Websites – awesome advice #1

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Landing Page V Websites - awesome advice #1 1

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a one-page website. It is used generally for little information and designed to generate leads. The world already has the attention span less than a goldfish and it’s getting even less. This has been proven and online people are now less inclined to want to read much about your service, business, offer, menu etc.

A landing page is designed with one idea in mind, data capture. Generation of enquiries by the visitor filling in the form on the landing page. That’s its sole existence. Google just does not like landing pages, in fact, my opinion is they hate them. Read more……

Landing Page V Websites - awesome advice #1 2

Will Google index my landing page?

Yes, however, you will be on page one billion in the rankings. Ok, maybe not that excessive, but way down the Google rankings. Why? Because there is very little info on a landing page. It is designed for the data capture hence devoid of any kind of mass information on the actual page.

So if you are using WordPress for a website you should consider an easier page builder for your landing page. In my opinion, LeadPages are probably the best, and by far the cheapest. A whopping 100 dollars a month less than Instapages and does relatively the same thing.

What Exactly do you need to create a landing page?

know-how, website design prowess, a URL (website address) It is not impossible to build your own page and it is, without doubt, a skill to get the page looking good and most importantly getting your landing page converting – IE people filling the form in.

Equitas Marketing SEO and web design help with all aspects of creating, building and maximising conversions on all our landing page designs. Our expertise in this design is as good as it gets. We have an incredible record of super high converting pages visited by Facebook and Google AdWord visitors.

So if Google doesn’t list it how do visitors know where it is?

Google Adwords and without doubt Facebook Marketing help people find your landing page.

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